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-2 Chair by Ludovico design studio

-2 is the project’s name and it is related to the old expression “less is more”. Handcrafted OAK and “Lã de Arraiolos” a mix of natural wool and linen. It’s worked by the 67 years of knitting experience of my grandmother.  Her table manners were slightly strict and didn’t allow different approaches to sitting. I always found it challenging. This challenge helped me to define the shape of the playful functionality of -2.  Ironically my grandmother finished it.

-2 chair studio Ludovico

The fact is that it is a chair with two legs fewer. This feature is like a “fishing bait” I need to catch the people’s attention and then tell them the story. The knitting is in this case singular not for being a new approach to material or technique but because it is crafted by my Grandma. It is paradoxical that she participated in the process of building the satire.

From the aesthetic point of view, I do not consider the object disruptive. Every day many new products are announced that make me feel the disruptive notion in a very ephemeral way. If the focus is on the aesthetic or in the material, we have seen something similar before. But maybe -2 is a reaction, objects without a content make me bored or even sad sometimes.

Interview with Ludovico from Ludovico design Studio / Images © Ludovico design studio

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