Artificial Formations: a dialogue between man and nature by Davide Ronco

The relation with the user is something that goes further than just functionality and shape. To get closer to this and learn more I decided to enroll my self to the master with the focus on ceramic materials. These years of studying and researching changed the way I see the design and its power. Emotional design especially is a branch which I’m really interested in and lately, thanks to my latest studies and experiences, I started diving more into the world of installation, art, and crafts.

The ‘Artificial Formations’ project is the outcome of this journey and represents where and how I want to act in the world of design. Working and researching the materials, properties and especially the expressions and story of the objects and their materials.


We consider a bird’s nest as nature, then how should we consider the products of our civilization? We often consider “Nature” everything that has remained untouched by humans, but if we approach the meaning of the word in a different way we can look at the idea of concrete from a different point of view. “Natural” is everything that comes by itself without our intervention. During different processes, even in design and architecture, we let the “natural phenomenon” be part of the course of events accepting it and sometimes enhancing it.

Concrete, the most widely used material in the world after water is an evident manifestation of the human imprint on our planet. Perceived as mere artificial, it’s seen detached from everything considered natural. As a reaction to this, a series of objects shows the dialogue between man and nature. Starting with pre-designed moulds, the material is rudimentary thrown letting the organic flow create the surface as a natural process.

Archetypal forms of containers, a vase, a bowl, and a plate are digitally designed and CNC- milled into molds. The contrast is given by the actual hand casting process, letting the surface and the material playing the main role.

Content Credit: © Davide Ronco and Through Objects.

Images: © Davide Ronco.

Trends: Balanced Self.