Atomy Store Bags: minimalism and timelessness

Our brand stands for ethical practices and sustainable production. The brand’s philosophy is based on the concept of Lean Manufacturing or the method of effective production management. We wanted to focus on a management model that relies on resource efficiency and guarantees high quality. We do not generate waste. All products have been designed in the most ergonomic way.

Each smallest piece of leather that remains after cutting the patch is being reused to produce smaller parts: straps, loops, accessories.Β We base our production on local crafts, use only services of regional producers and suppliers, trying to implant the idea of making more aware purchasing decisions among our clients. We believe that supporting regional creativity is not only an investment in the community, but it’s also shaping an even stronger consumer awareness. All ATOMS are sewn by hand and produced at a local workshop.

According to the latest reports, the negative effects of the textile industry are expected to increase dramatically by 2050. Humanity is already consuming the resources of 5 planets, and we have only one. We believe that making an informed choice when shopping has a positive impact not only on the environment in which we live but also on ourselves. Objects that surround us gain in importance and serve us much longer if they become our personal value.

The idea for a brand specializing in sewing leather modules has its genesis in our everyday life as well as profession. Direct connection with architecture means that every day we are looking for well-thought-out, functional and nice forms that are to serve a comfortable life. Giving the opportunity to compose your sets from various modular shapes, we introduce a little creativity to the online shopping process.

ATOMY can be added to each other, subtracted, worn in various ways. Thinking about future clients, we thought about ourselves – we needed something of high quality, which will not get old with the changing trends. We believe that a symmetrical, regular form is a fully closed element, not a starting point for design. Beauty is in simplicity, and it never gets old. Hence, all ATOMS take on simplified shapes of circles, squares, crescents.

While designing our bags, we rarely depend on current trends and do not stick rigidly to the fashion seasons. What we aim for is a universal bag closed in a simple form that is characterized by its timelessness and durability. Our first inspiration were leather handbags of our grandfather and mother who have been preserved for several generations. Since current fashion draws heavily from past trends, it is quite easy to come across consciously or unconsciously on a form that may soon become fashionable.

We swear it is a total coincidence, that belt bags have become an it accessory again πŸ™‚

Β Interview with Atomy Store.

Photography:Β Lucyna Kolendo.

Trends: Hiperbolic Minimalism.