Áurea Sian-ka’an

I was born and grew up on the Peninsula, my identity was somehow rooted to the artisans, and the traditions of this colorful region.

In 2010 I had the opportunity to work and collaborate as a product designer in a social program, alongside many artisans. This experience made me realize the loss there is today on the artisanal techniques and their anthropological language from the prehispanic years. We recognize that most of the craftsmanship of that time had mainly utilitarian and ceremonial purpose, and all natural resources were used to solve their primary necessities, they bartered products and crafts had an economical value. Nowadays, our needs have been multiplied by the immersion of industrial products and the constant global change, and these necessities are solved in another way, that why craftsmanship plays an important role in reconnecting us with our origin.  The artisans of the communities in the Yucatan Peninsula find themselves in a constant struggle to make out of their work a sustainable business for their families. All of this motivated me to do some anthropological research and rescue some of the ancestral techniques, natural resources and the identity of the Mayan culture.

Áurea Studio was founded in in 2012 as a cultural exchange as an individual (designer) and an immersion process in rituals, traditions and economic activities of the area.  Each collection is based on previous research; the creative process implies a cultural knowledge that gives sense and meaning to all the designs and shapes. “That is to say, that the conceptual and creative intention is linked to an anthropological research line that certainly is not obliged to materialize but to bring experiences”. Two years later, I define the concept of a project that not only supports socioculturally to the communities but also embodies our past and claims the roots we have pretended to forget with all the stunned industry.

“Indigenous identity, prehispanic objects, traditional techniques and the natural resources shape the conceptual value of the brand”. Certainly, we are not looking to materialize utilitarian objects, but to reinterpret the craftsmanship through well designed and sculptural objects. 

The environmental and social responsibility is important to us, respect and preservation of the environment are controlled by UMA’s (Management Units for Wildlife Conservation). If we intend to be congruent with our thinking we must be honest and conscious starting from the selection of the materials to its commercialization, that’s why we use minimum lots to control and manage the quantity of the resource. That said, the pieces become unique and exclusive.

Over time I’ve taken development and cultural management projects, where craftsmanship takes a vital and intellectual value within the society. Currently, I’m working as a Co-Founder with Uxi Diaz (graphic designer) on a new brand called “Región”. Región portrays the nature of our resources through utilitarian objects.

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