Baby Blankets (not only for babies) by FLINK

The FLINK baby blankets are all designed and produced in the Netherlands, in one of the last Dutch knitting mills. We support craftsmanship being a part of a growing movement that celebrates the beauty of local production. We strive for good design, comfort, sustainability and the use of natural materials. I find it essential that the people that work with FLINK get paid a normal salary as well as working in good conditions. Together we can make a beautiful product and we are really happy about it. The sustainability of FLINK lies in many aspects, one of those, the products are not shipped from the other side of the world, that wool has a long lifecycle (80 years) and is a renewable raw material: the sheep and alpaca acquire a new coat. In addition, wool is 100% recyclable.

The distinctiveness in these blankets might be the design, they are made not only for babies but for parents too. The blankets I found on the market were either one color or had more common animals, like rabbits or bears on it. In my opinion, the baby blanket market needed alternatives. We take care of how we look fashion-wise, but when you go on the streets with your stroller you want something nice as well, that’s what I figured out. So I designed some blankets with whose I would walk proudly, something that looks a bit more mature but in a kind loving way.

I also wanted to create some blankets that would fit the current interior wishes of a baby room. Nowadays (soon to be) parents spend a lot of time on their interior and the baby room needs to match that. These don’t go in the usual pastel blue or light pink anymore. So I found some colors that are not so typically girl or boy’s colors but actually unisex, like a seashell kind of pink, kings blue, several kinds of grey and cherry red.

In terms of design and sustainable production, FLINK blankets are related to current trends and interior styles. Hopefully to future trends as well.

Interview with FLINK/ Images © Renée Onderdijk/FLINK

Trends: Sustainable and Shared.