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Benjamin bike by RAAK Design

Together we came across a couple kids bikes in a store, we noticed that the balance bikes were really nice and it was a joy to see kids ride them. We did research to figure out how young kids learn to ride a bike and how the market is like for the balance bikes and small kids bikes. The first thing we noticed is that there are a lot of nice balance and normal kids bikes out there, but it’s really expensive for parents to be responsible for buying expensive products. And so we started brainstorming on a transformable kids bike, from a balance bike into a regular kids bike, our main focus was the ergonomics and how can this bike grow with the child.

Because a balance bike is a way for young children to learn their balance (moments of floating), with Benjamin they will keep their beloved little bike for many more years. The concept is, therefore, that the parents can put the pedals on the bike when their little one is ready and raise the saddle, without going to a specialist.

We chose wood because we wanted to create an appealing kid’s friendly product, children should be proud of their little bike. That’s why we came up with Benjamin, this way we like the kids to see the bike as their friend who will make them ride a bike ” Benjamin will learn you to ride a bike!”. Two bikes combined in one, durable & easy adaptable by the consumer. The use of as little parts as possible and the frame is made of bent plywood.
Wooden bikes and balance bikes, in particular, are definitely a trend, but our concept is actually built on all the parts that are hidden. All the parts that have to with riding the bike are inside the body and therefore it was an absolute must to work with wood.

Interview with RAAK Design / Images © RAAK Design

Trends: Lifestyle Ergonomics.

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  1. What a great concept! The resulting synergies between clever design and functionality contribute to a sustainable novel solution to a very old problem.

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