Bisarro: from pottery tradition to contemporary Design

Bisarro comes from an illustration project, connected to the black pottery tradition from Bisalhães, where all the pieces were customized, creating characters and giving life to them.
With the desire to create something more, Bisarro has increased, allying this ancient process of pottery with contemporary Design, developing new concepts that were transformed into an unique collection of products. Giving a new and fresh style to this ancestral knowledge providing a future and an even greater weight in our culture, which consequently triggered a large-scale demand, not only in Portugal, but buyers from 15 countries, from Canada to Japan or Dubai, from France to Germany or Belgic, passing through Iceland and Brazil.

With strong Trás-os-Montes and Douro region roots, Bisarro is made of a team of people who are passionate about what is done in this region and who value, above all, the intrinsic knowledge of a people so culturally rich in their craftsmanship and their way of facing life.
Our pieces are meant to reflect all the effort and dedication, but at the same time the subtlety and delicacy that hides here, behind Marão Mountain.

Our pieces are carefully developed and produced with strong inspiration in traditional methods. Each piece is the fruit of the affection and love of several people who, with their own hands, knowledge and hard work try to offer the best possible final product. This complex process of manufacture implies that each piece is formally and aesthetically unique, which confers soul and personality to the object, something that we do not find in an industrial manufacture. Due to these specificities, our parts have a longer production time, since it is dependent on natural elements such as meteorology, which means a slightly longer delivery process. Something, which by itself, gives the product a singular and exclusive character.

Bisarro tries to combine two major trends of contemporary design that are simplicity through design and complexity through the manufacturing process. We believe that today people are looking for objects that have a clean, intelligent and timeless design, but at the same time have a history and a meaning behind them. A story that can be told about an object makes it infinitely more interesting and adds value to it.

Content Credit: ©Bisarro and Through Objects.

Images: ©Lino Silva and Bisarro.

Trends: Experienced Narratives.