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Black Pottery by Sara de Campos

I knew the technique of “barro negro” since I was a child. I decided to research this special firing procedure and I realized that it almost disappeared in Portugal. So I decided to do a project that could use it a way of increasing the chances of its survival and future development.
Black pottery is a series of three bowls, which one has a different division in the interior, inviting the user to explore several applications. They are made out of clay, with a specific firing technique called “barro negro”. This pottery technique has always been used in a utilitarian way such as cookware, tableware, and containers to store olives, olive oil, corn, wine or water.
The traditional firing process uses a hole in the soil where pieces are placed inside with some burning firewood and then covered with moss, leaves or straw. The metallic black color is the result of a reductive atmosphere that is created by closing the air output.
As said before, one of my motivation to work on this project was to increase the chances of survival and development of this procedure. The second one is because I believe a handcrafted product can still be used in our daily life.

Interview with Sara de Campos / Images© Sara de Campos / Haw-lin services.

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