Bomfim: lightness and minimalism by Bruna Bortolotti

Created in 2015 by Bruna Bortolotti, Bortolotti is a jewelry label that has in the manufacture and design process, the author’s premise for its creations. With small-scale production, all the pieces are handcrafted by the young goldsmith artist of 23 years, in the workshop in Fortaleza, HQ of Bortolotti.

Her process of creating is totally intuitive, the models are born in the middle of design production. She learned from her grandfather to fuse and lapse her creations, produced “in the old fashion”, respecting time. All the pieces bring in themselves lightness and minimalism, aesthetic choices that start with the idea of permanence and simplicity.

Earrings, rings, necklaces and other objects bring in the fabric of the design process: distorted circumferences, apparent hooks, polished and unpolished finish, grooves of the metal. The pieces tell much about a way of seeing the world that passes through this inheritance of a knowledge that comes from the inventor grandfather: “My refuge is the place I have shared with my grandfather since I discovered myself enchanted by the universe of handmade jewelry, this meticulous and slow job of turning a metal wire into something with form, thought and, somehow, with its own life, I will not know of its destiny to be acquired by someone, anywhere”.

Bortolotti’s most recent collection honors Bruna’s grandmother, her Bomfim, and was created inspired by the universe of inventions of the patriarch, responsible for the designer’s passion for goldsmithing. All the pieces are produced from a metal wire pulling machine, the silver in this case which gives life to earrings, necklaces, and rings of sinuous shapes and minimalist aesthetic. There are altogether eight models.

“It’s not exactly a literal reference to his sign or to what I see of him in my grandfather,” said Bruna, “they are small vestiges of this love relationship that I gather for work, is made of abstractions of all connections, in which I maintain my taste for subtlety, for the discarding of the superfluous, an aesthetic and plastic repertoire that I acquired in the study of the architecture and the practice of the workshop. I see the collection as a collection of small sculptures with a life of their own, “adds the young designer.

The label, which has just released its online store and launched the “When the Time Comes” campaign, is sold in Buenos Aires, Brasília, Fortaleza and prepares for its arrival in São Paulo and New York.

Interview with Bruna Bortolotti.

Trends: Hiperbolic Minimalism.