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Brettsofa | plank-couch by Carrothead

The “Brettsofa” is based on the traditional alpine “plank chair” (Stabelle).
A simple and light wooden seating furniture to lounge around indoors and outdoors. Used with cushions and blankets, it´s an alternative to the normal standard-couch.

Old handcrafted furniture from the alpine region had a very simple design, based on the use of classic joinery, entirely made out of wood and focused on serving the very needs of mainly poor people.
In a life focused on hard manual labor, far away from leisure, comfort, and luxury, these stools, benches, tables had to last at least a lifetime.

Like its ancestors, the Brettsofa is focused on material and classic joinery, but elaborated in a combination of CNC-milling machines and handwork.
It´s in a way a missing piece in this series/style of furniture – the one to comfortably spend your leisure-time on.

In- or outdoors, alone, with friends or with kids, raw, or heavily loaded with cushions and blankets the Brettsofa invites to rest or sleep, to calm down, to sprawl, hang around or fool around. And – of course – it’s made to last a lifetime.

Award: Handwerk + Form 2015, by
Design: Wolfgang Riegger


Interview with Carrothead (Wolfgang Riegger). Brettsofa Production teamed up with “” in Vorarlberg/Austria.

Trends: Hiperbolic Minimalism.

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