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Bucket Bag – Arminho

Our commitment was to create an everyday bag, in a combination of textures and different materials – leather and fabric – using simple lines and design to point up those characteristics and details.


Simplicity and detail are the words the better describe our attention on the design of this bag, making something discreet but at the same time unique and something timeless but at the same time contemporary, something that will always look as a well made design object regardless of time/trend/fashion.

We have designed these bags thinking about textures and combinations of materials. Design solutions have been found on each step of the creative process, so innovation is not something that we think of on the first step, it happens to overcome our needs because we are also makers and not only designers.

We usually don’t think very much about trends, because they create great limitations on the context of the object, we always think on a design that will pass on generations so that excludes automatically the “trending” questions.

Interview with Arminho / Images © Arminho

Trends: Experienced Narratives.

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