Category: Empower Me

“This movement translates into an active optimism, in order to save the world from its current confusion, so that we might change him and minimize financial, economic and ethical problems.”

It is also about the “knowledge economy” and the importance of cool skills, processes and new technologies applied to objects.

AWAYTOMARS By Alfredo Orobio

«We need to re-think the role of multi brand shops in a society that can access shops freely online. What we want to do with AWAYTOMARS is improve the roles of both the designer and the customer in the chain, offering them opportunities to purchase…

Leixões Ring by MATER jewellery Tales

«Leixōes ring reflects the duality between computational design and craft(…) The production of this piece combines technological approach such as laser cutting with skillful hands.»   It has to be seen by touching! This feeling was the impulse to elect Leixões terminal building of Luis Pedro Silva,…