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CMYK: playing with light and colour by OJEAM Studio

OJEAM Studio has two designers behind the scenes: João Abreu Valente and Maria Pita Guerreiro. Our work is based on our different perspectives and visions of the world and that is how we find our balance. The studio was founded in 2015 inspired by a shared passion to explore the gap between two opposites: experimental and commercial approaches of design, aiming to find a harmony between them, in different contexts.

CMYK belongs to the Project OFF PORTUGAL from Glass Cares exhibition that presented the experiments of ten Portuguese designers with the country’s traditional mouth blowing glass technique. Assuming that it is a trend to currently be aware of questioning how important is the legacy of craftsmanship, questioning how the technological production has replaced the craftsman and removing all traces of human and local influence. Then what would be our role and impact as designers in this!?

CMYK is available on collection Multitude of the Portuguese brand VICARA.

Content Credit: © OJEAM Studio and Through Objects.

Images: © VICARA.

Trends: Cool Irreverence.

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