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COMO – a smart modular concept by Irena Übler

During the ideatcomo_oneion process of COMO – cork modular I was questioning myself how is it possible to create a shelving unit composed out of only a few assembling parts. One of the main objectives was to develop a simple tool-kit inspiring people to assemble their own furniture and make them part of the creative process. Some other questions I had in mind: How far can you go in finding a smart solution in designing an assembling kit for storage units and display formats? How can you produce efficiently and in an ecological way? How can you use cork in an appropriate way?
The innovative part we see in COMO – cork modular is the adaptability. Imagine one day you use it as a bedside table, a bookshelf, a wine rack or support for your laptop or a playful furniture for your kids. It looks also great as a display in the showroom of your company.

A single COMO modcomo_singleule you can use in a small apartment, multiple modules can be built up for a bigger installation in an open space. The modules can be used in different environments from your home, office space or shop interior. I believe COMO still has a lot of potential in the future to grow by introducing new add-on elements – giving new and different uses to cork modules. We are working on a new lighting concept to be launched before Christmas.

There is a current trend in increasing mobility and global online business. We know that people want modularity and more and more take care of sustainability. With the DIY tendency already more and more people are open to assemble their furniture at home, we facilitate this process with easy mounting and without any extra tools.

como_single2Since the cork elements are stackable and as well out of a light-weight material there are easy to transport we see a potential for economical shipping worldwide. Besides this, we designed and produced locally in the north of Portugal focusing on the user and environmentally friendly products.

Our target is to challenge the smart user who intends to co-create his home, office or display format. The aspect of focusing on a “smart modular concept” to boost adaptability to the maximum I guess we are quite disruptive.

Interview with COMO cork modular. Images © MORSA

Trends: Sustainable and Shared.

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