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Design and the art of Hygge

Almost all of us are familiar with the Danish term Hygge, when we accidentally leafed through the bookstore a book about this Danish concept, or after reading an article about Scandinavian lifestyle. Nevertheless, it will be advisable to go to the root of the term:

HYGGE: [mass noun] A quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture) Oxford Dictionaries.

After understanding the definition, we can ask ourselves: how do we get to this feeling?

First things first: Hygge definition might be subject to reinterpretation, accordingly to our times and needs. In this super-connected world, constantly online, the feeling of well-being is just not simply be lying on the couch with the TV on and texting our friends about the last gossip. But maybe it does mean, to have enjoyed reading a book indoors on a rainy Sunday or to have a meaningful conversation, in a creative and comfortable environment, great food, and most important, no WIFI.

Without forgetting the importance of close friends, the environment plays a fundamental role in reaching to this concept, and that is what we will focus on. We’ll suggest you some design options that will help you improve your cozy hygge spot.

Candles and lights:  For Danes, candles are the most important part of creating a special atmosphere at home.

The smaller version of the lamp Cesta by Miguel Milà, reminiscent of a Japanese lantern. The classic lamp from the 1960s still captivates with its fine combination of wood and opaline glass.

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Verner Panton wanted to create furniture and objects that stimulate the imagination and creativity of their viewers. ‘Time for Flower Power’ seems to be the table lamp from the time of Pop Art. Flowerpot brings not only light in the room but also in the head because their cheerful form is simply mood-enhancing.

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Blankets: having something soft to wrap around yourself is a must.

Ekko blanket 100% pure wool created by Normann Copenhagen. It Ekko look equally beautiful front and back – as it is made with the traditional jacquard weaving technique.

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Cups and tableware: Enjoy your comfort food, and hot drinks to achieve a sense of familiarity.

Duedahl’s coffee maker combines naturalness, minimalism and irony. He shows the restless coffee-to-go culture the red card and says ‘yes’ for a relaxing coffee break.

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George Sowden made this design for coffee and teapots. The porcelain teapots, which are manufactured in four trendy color combinations, enhance the taste of the drinks with their integrated SoftBrew stainless steel strainers.

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Rugs and Pillows: Choose a comfy Rug and fluffy pillows.

The Bereber rug is manufactured through a traditional Moroccan knotting technique and is made of 100% New Zealand wool, which explains its marvelously fluffy and warm feel.

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Alpaca wool cushion by Louise Roe with fishbone pattern.

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