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Eclipse table: a minimalist approach by Ventura Lab

The table was named for working with different layers at different heights that overlap. This overlapping of the layers with the whole black color of the table and its rounded ends comes from the inspiration in the natural eclipse phenomenon.

With a minimalist and functional design, the product absorbs an abstract concept of nature and transforms it into a geometric object with a simple functionality. In a second moment, the poetic concept stays in the background and gives space for the valuation of the furniture’s surface, which stimulates the user’s touch and perception about the differences between the materials that compose it.

These different sensations transmitted by the coexistence of the steel surface and the wooden surface are closely linked to the daily experiences and repertoire of people’s lives, which through affective memory tend to feel a more emotional attachment and warmth in the texture of the wood and a greater coldness and rationality in the metal. These characteristics give the product an experimental condition that goes beyond its basic functionality as furniture. They generate a subjective experience for the user in each surface, influenced by their references of life and directly reflecting in the choice of objects that will be arranged in each areas of the table.

Some trends in Human Behavior indicate that we are headed to a future where we will not buy a product solely by its form or use, but also by the experience it offers. The eclipse table involves people in order to make them investigate surfaces, feel the different textures and use them according to their understanding of the object. Therefore, each user will establish his own relationship with the product. In the process of designing and developing new products, we value behavioral tendencies rather than the aesthetics ones, as we believe that projects tend not to become obsolete over time.

Interview with Ventura Lab.

Content Credit: ©Ventura Lab and Through Objects.

Images: ©Ventura Lab.

Trends: Hiperbolic Minimalism.


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