Federico Pazienza

Born and raised in Italy with an international background in product and jewelry design. Willing to explore and pushed by curiosity, Federico lived and worked in Italy, Finland and England and is currently based in the Netherlands.

As part of Richard Hutten studio team he developed “Layer Cloud Chair” for Kvadrat exhibited in the design week of Milan 2014. In 2015, Federico started his own design studio based in Rotterdam, and thanks to his broad experience in design, he started a wonderful collaboration with maestro Gijs Bakker.
In his own projects he combines digital aesthetics with traditional handcrafting.

A few Federico Pazienza projects:

a.vessel: Based on one geometric shape: cylinder. There are two cylinders of different dimensions aligned in a simple way which composes the body of the object. This unusual asymmetric composition pushes the user to try a different grip.

Photo by Andrea Domeniconi.


Control Points Plate: Classic ceramics were defined by a continuous and linear brush stroke.
In the digital age it is possible to simulate the same illustrations by using computers, but the mathematical structure of the graphics will be a discontinuous network of vectors and control points.
The raw vector structure used to replicate the illustrations of last centuries is the contemporary decor. The plate is reworked from the original object preserved in the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam.

Photo by Francesco Minotti

Federico Pazienza Website


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