Flats Exclusivas

«In every process is respected its time and cost, so on average, it takes 30 days for each production to be ready.»


‘Flats Exclusivas’ is a minimalist brand of basic, timeless shoes, handcrafted in small quantities. The production counts on the expertise of the best professionals of the area in São Paulo working with premium raw materials.

In every process is respected its time and cost, so on average, it takes 30 days for each production to be ready. The brand relies on the concept of Art Shoes: artists who create interventions in each model of flats. They are limited series, numbered and signed.

As Mariana Cassandra, the creator of the brand, explains, “Exclusive Flats were made to last, to inspire and to cross fads. Like a work of art.”
All models are created by Mariana, who conducts and monitors the whole production process, entirely handmade, as well as all the research of raw materials and products, using only top quality materials, as well as the artists and collaborators. They are people with incredible repertoires, which the designer has great admiration, who believes in the work and its purposes. Thus a challenging exchange is established and it adds a lot to all sides.

The list of partnerships and collaborators already has 6 names and will grow. 3 partnerships are already produced and launched: with artist Ju Amora and her handpainted flats, Bebel Books model with silk from her phallic print and to complete the model ‘Illustrated Surface, created by illustrator Dea Oliveira, with manual stamping using pochoir technique.
Other 3 models are set to launch later this year: collab with the artist Atsuo with embroidery of his art, a model created in partnership with Andre Maciel of Black Mother and another with crochet, the technical technique of the artist Carol Pérez of Le Souffe Design.
The brand has just opened its atelier store in Vila Madalena and is already preparing its arrival in the international market with the forecast of the point of sale in New York later this year.

Interview with Flats Exclusivas.

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