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GRAFO Collection and mathematical concept of a graph by Susana Teixeira Jewellery

GRAFO is a collection that materializes the geometric representation of the interrelationship of two elements. The idea of creating this collection was born from the mathematical concept of a graph. Each piece consists of spheres, in variable number and size, connected by small wire segments. The structure thus constituted intends to emphasize the agglutinating role of the elements of the group, maintaining the individuality of each one.


I have a background in Mathematics, so I tend to make jewelry that often crosses the realms of this science. Geometry had always been my favorite subject and for me is natural to think of a jewellery piece as being a mathematical element. GRAFO series tells a story that must be read in the light of the harmonious relationship between Geometry and Jewellery.

I try to create timeless pieces that tell their own story. However, in each season, there is often a particular type of jewel that is more requested; for example, last year lots of people were looking for hoops. I’m aware of fashion trends and try to include in my collections, the typology of pieces that my clients are expecting, but always being coherent with the concept I defined for the collection.

Interview with Susana Teixeira Jewellery.

Trends: Structuralism.

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