Grid: Celebrating the reinforced concrete by Willem van Hooff

My inspiration comes from the contrast of a construction site.

Reinforced concrete is still the main contact of nowadays architecture. The technique is based on concrete cast around a metal grid. This connection gave humans the ability to work in an impressive big scale, it changed the world of architecture and, hereby our surroundings. Nevertheless, there is one always hidden: The metal grid. It has only been used for its strength inside the concrete.

After experimenting, I found a way to let the metal outgrow the concrete, in the casting process. And it turned the composite inside out. Bringing the metal grid to the surface, and giving it a complementary aesthetic function. In this project, I show the metal grid in order to highlight its aesthetics. Together these pieces of furniture represent a city landscape. Celebrating the invention of reinforced concrete 150 years ago.

I’m very visual, I love to look at the world and things around me. My big passion and inspiration come from looking around me. To look at objects, seeing their potential and the dialogue they create with humans.

I think the trend that has had a big influence on me, is the one showing that not everything needs to have a function anymore. Form follows function is out because the function can limit your creative outcome. In my research, I never thought of the function, until the last end. Which gave me possibilities to change and choose the right context. So, well… changing the proportions, new functions are revealed.


Interview with Willem van Hooff.

Trends: Structuralism.