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IKON KØBENHAVN: A shared Love for Tiles by Sarah and Amalie Thorgaard

Our tables are designed with simplicity in mind, offering a timeless design in a wide range of colours. In addition to our tables, we have played around with designing vases, displays and podiums, also fully covered in tiles. As of now, we have four staple designs, but we also develop customized designs, based on our customer’s requests.

At first, we actually just designed the tables to use in our own homes, since we couldn’t find these specific types of tables in the market. When we started receiving a lot of positive response on our tables, from friends and family we decided to start a small-scale production in our own workshop. The tables are all handmade and produced here in Copenhagen.

We have always had a deep affection for the tiles tables of the 60’s, as well as the use of tiles for kitchens and bathrooms. Our aim was to make a more concise and aestheticized rendition of these, with surfaces fully covered in tiles. The material is beautiful, both visually and tactilely, and make for a unique expression.

Since starting IKON because we weren’t able to find any products similar to ours, we have experienced a great trend in which several designers around Denmark have also started playing around with tiles and using them in their designs. We are happy to see that other people are also reinterpreting the tile tables of the 60’s, similar to us.

We have done countless iterations and a great deal of experimentation to perfect the production of our tables, ensuring high durability and a clean sleek look. The materials we use are heavy, which therefore makes for a heavy end product. Because of this, all of our tables have wheels that are not directly visible, but allows for them to be easily moved around. Because our tables are hand-made, each one demands rigorous attention to detail in order to make flawless, and the production really can’t be automated.

Although some have attempted to make 1-to-1 copies of our products, there is not a shadow of doubt that the quality of our tables are unrivalled because of our high quality of material and production.

Content Credit: ©IKON KØBENHAVN and Through Objects.


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