Ina Woelk & Philipp Hinderer

We are both deeply rooted to the Bavarian culture and tradition. And we don’t see any contradiction to stay authentic on the one hand and to do new straight forward designs on the other hand. In other words, it makes you confident and open minded if you know where you come from. This really opens the door to other cultures, traditions and working techniques as well. If you’re interested and able to understand cultural roots – like crafts for example – it really can enhance your work far beyond any trend.

The true quality of things, to us, is revealed in them accompanying their user for a long time and not being disposed of after only a short period of use. Our designs are characterized by a harmonious interplay of modern and traditional and thus have a timeless, familiar effect. Affected by our mutual craftsmanship backgrounds and the Industrial Design studies at the Stuttgart Art Academy, authenticity, honesty, quality and durability are the focus of our design philosophy. Sustainable design, construction appropriate to the material, craftsmanship details and careful manufacturing are the basis of any design. There is a part of us in each and every one of our products. But it is the heartfelt relationship between a person and an object that actually gives it a soul.

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