a bullshit-free brand tired of clothing seasonality

“We do not enjoy the growing disparity between quality and price.
We’re tired of how seasonality drives irrational purchase behavior and promotion cycles.
We hate the avalanche of digital marketing.
And we hate all the frustration that comes along with it.”

Our concept can be briefly explained by his name: ISTO. is an acronym for Independent (we are 3 guys with no connection to any brand or investor), Superb (we only work with the best garments), Transparent (our business model relies on transparent supply chain and pricing), Organic (we only work with organic materials). And basically, with this 4 pillars in mind, we want to create premium quality essentials and super honest prices. At the beginning online-only; now with our Lisbon flagship store already opened.

The idea of creating was a funny mix between personal taste, interests, desire to change and a market opportunity, I would say.
Me (Pedro Palha) and Vasco Mendonça met when we’re both working at a portuguese startup. We immediately understood we share the same values, were looking into the same brands and categories; it took us a few chats to understand that we wanted to move forward; it only took us a few minutes on our first lunch to understand that Pedro Gaspar would be our third partner (we had finished Yvon Chouinard’s book and was eager to change the world – “one step at a time, Pedro, one step at a time”, we told him).
So everything was aligned. We gather our savings and moved forward. It took us 7 months to launch the brand and our first products. has some minimalist aesthetics, yes, but most of all we truly consider a bullshit-free brand. I wish all trends were making better clothing and on a more sustainable way, giving clients more information about what they are buying, from where they are buying and how much they are paying for.

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