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Los Veracruzanos and the Mexican character by Tropel/Ana Jimenez

Los Veracruzanos is collection part of a brand called Tropel: Tropel is a brand launched by Ana JP Design. Starting with a range of jewellery boxes, scaled sized versions of a furniture collection launched as part of Ana’s Masters degree at Central Saint Martins. These boxes draw inspiration from Mexican culture and the unexpected nature of the Mexican character.

The brand is intended to challenge and bridge perceptions of traditional extravagant Mexican cultures, with the contemporary reality of a modern, vibrant and powerful country. In this way getting a deeper understanding of what it means to be Mexican through the exploration of the cultural elements which define it. The result is a range of works which assume surreal shapes, bold color and imbue their settings with humor.

Los Veracruzanos, is the second collection of jewellery boxes launched by Tropel. Two characters influenced by the prehispanic culture living in the ancient city of El Tajin in Veracruz, Mexico.

La Sonriente, comes from the smiley figurines, found in the pre-hispanic pyramids of Veracruz. This little guy has a happy expression and is ready to lend a helping hand in order to keep your chains and bracelets all nice and tidy.

Nicho, inspired by the ‘Piramide de los Nichos’ (Niche Pyramid) found in El Tajin. Like the precise edges of its inspiration, Nicho is serious and down to his business yet is welcoming enough to take necklaces or bracelets onto his arms while storing smaller items securely in his square eyed drawers.

I wouldn’t think that these pieces are a reaction to a current trend, since I have been developing this brand with a constant aesthetic for a while now. It is an aesthetic that could be referenced maybe to the Memphis movement more than a current trend.

Interview with Ana Jimenez.

Trends: Cool Irreverence.

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