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Lover Seat by Gonçalo Campos

This object was designed as a response to a simple question. How can a “chaise longue” become a modular object? This allows it to be shipped more easily, it becomes easier to stock and can be assembled in more configurations. The best solution was to make the back and armrest into a module that also works as support for the seat. The result was these corners in wood as they allow the product to be assembled in different ways for different purposes.
The most obvious mark of this item is the wooden structure that is apparent, instead of hidden inside the upholstery. This structure allows the creation of a wide area for the armrest that can work as a small table. These details are definitely unique. They were developed as a support to all sort of items we carry with us daily. These wide armrests are perfect to place our phone, tablet, or just a simple cup of tea.

Interview with Gonçalo Campos.

Trends: Lifestyle Ergonomics.

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