MABO and the representation of art by Marcella Leite

With a Carioca inspiration, Marcella Leite, who studied architecture, fashion and graduated in design, launched a Modernist collection, the third of its three-year history and the expression of its brand’s maturation.
“It’s a very special line. It took me a long time to develop: it’s been six months since I got out of my comfort zone and I made myself do something different.”  The inspiration is the modernist movement, “the impact of it on architecture and various icons of modern art”. Among the muses and muses of Marcella, are the artist Alexander Calder, the architect Oscar Niemeyer, and the painters Pablo Picasso and Tarsila do Amaral. Thus, each piece combines the minimalism and lightness that are trademarks of Mabo to the content and information of art.”

“My goal is always to create jewels that go beyond economic value, carry a content of art, design and architecture and deliver this representation. There are pieces that bring together classic and daring goldsmiths like 3D printing.” Tradition and contemporaneity that go side by side, but always with a finish at hand”.

The maturation of Mabo accompanies the growing search of the public for the handmade, for singular pieces and brands that see the consumer as an individual. Unlike disposable mass-produced products by the industry, there is a wave that seeks the production made on a smaller scale by real professionals who proudly display the entire process of construction, inspiration, materials and manpower.
The plan now is to win explore markets and sell in partnership with stores in São Paulo while delivering all the purchases made by the site to Brazil.

Interview with Marcella Leite / Mabo.

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