Merakia: The importance of simple objects by Yunuén Hernández

MERAKI:  From the Greeks; doing something with soul, creativity, or love — when you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing, whatever it may be.

Yunuén Hernández: Mexico inspires us. Each of Merakia’s objects suggests something about this [our] country; it might be through its materials, its concept or through its purpose of use. Each object has some story to tell, something to link with. We want people to take some time and connect with the basics. We want simple objects to be meaningful.

Mexico is our main source of inspiration; and even though it might be easier to connect our concepts with Mexicans, we are even happier when any worldwide citizen or traveler finds a link with our objects because connecting and spreading a bit of Mexican identity is one of our many purposes.

Yunuén Hernández: Our objects aim to express simplicity without dismissing functionality. We want people to use our products, we don’t want them to be just home decoration.  We’d like the user to connect with each of the objects in their everyday life, to feel them and, at the same time, to value their origin and the products themselves. Innerly, we wish to create a connection between the materials, the artisans and the final user in a contemporary and conscious way of living.

We treasure the diversity of materials offered by the Mexican territory and the creative potential of its people, we seek to work in places and with people where their technique is the tradition. Our idea is to create a development model between the artisan and the designer. We believe that the artisan’s mastery of the technique and the creative vision of the designer must be complemented to generate mutual benefits.

Merakia celebrates simple forms, hidden details, natural materials, and craftsmanship all together. We are living the globalization phenomenon and, as a developing country, sometimes it is easy to run fast and forget the importance of running together. Let us take a breath. We need to treasure our identity in a different way, our brand is trying to get some essences of our culture in order to connect with who we are; and if we reach a certain connection with any other citizen of the world, we will have exceeded our expectations.

Content Credit: © Yunuén Hernández/Merakia and Through Objects.

Images: © Merakia.

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