Mirrors: sculptural objects by BEN & AJABLANC

With our collection of mirrors partnered with silk fiber, we were exploring the mirror as both functional and sculptural object through the use of juxtaposition, shape, and form. In this case, it is the hard, cool properties of mirror paired with the light, warm, airy qualities of the hand-spun, hand-painted silk. 

At the heart of the studio is the use of natural elements and rich materials creating work that celebrates design frisson – an elegant balance of beauty and functionality.

This Mirrors’ collection is based on the compositional cohesiveness of the pieces, that allow the juxtaposition to work – it’s not enough to pair dissimilar materials; the work overall must reflect a wholeness and completeness within the disparate parts. That is the challenge and, we think, the success of these pieces.

The EOS Mirror is named after the ancient Greek goddess of Dawn, exploring the
relationship between the functional and nonfunctional elements of objects, including the utility of a mirror with the warmth and joie de vivre of fiber.




The HALF MOON Mirror is a large-scale mirror reminiscent of a half moon partnered with hand-spun, hand-painted silk fiber.




The APOLLO Mirror is named for the Greek God of the Sun, the Apollo Mirror is the marriage of sculptural and functional object, with two half circle mirrors joined by negative
space and partnered with hand-spun, hand-painted silk fiber.



We see trends as a reflection of the characteristics of distilled beauty. References to those characteristics can reveal themselves in our work.

Content Credit: © B E N &  A J A B L A N C and Through Objects.