Palorosa Bags: craft techniques through a contemporary vision

Palorosa’s vision is to create a sophisticated and minimalist, recognizable aesthetic.

An aesthetic born from the union of two cultures, Italian and Guatemalan, architectural and industrial, artisanal and rural.

Starting from the origins of a product, a market basket, we wanted to abstract it from its context, without losing its nature and functionality. The basic line of products accompanies you into your journeys and discoveries: you can go everywhere with a basket. The brand uses with care and attention colors and shades, with local materials, mostly the plastic threads, from primarily recycled plastic.
Color becomes material which is kindly interwoven into the Palorosa objects and accessories.

Since the beginning of the project, the aim has been to study a technique strongly linked to its history, to learn the details and improve them, through a gradual approach on the creation.
Palorosa started at my home with an artisan, and since then, we built a studio atelier in Guatemala city, where part of our products are made, prototype, and where we and the artisans come and learn something new, every day.
We started by repurposing a market basket, a piece of the local artisanal history that became a symbol for our brand and the local future aesthetic, to develop new products and collections inspired on the same techniques.

Our brand has a social impact determined by the desire to keep alive local craft techniques, enhancing them through a contemporary vision. Create a community and a team of people who believe in our project, and research and research every day.

The singularities of Palorosa’s objects are firstly the process, the research and secondly, the approach to design, exploring the idea of deepening a small­scale, refined crafted design. There is always a strong link with the context of where the brand was born: the natural and architectural imagery, the inspirations of Guatemala and Latin America, as well as the influences of Italian culture, creating commingling and references.
The product is always portrayed in a minimalist way with the intention of bringing out the craftsmanship, the research and the choice of every detail, from the leather label, to the regular background of the bags, to the name of each color.

We are designers and observers. We are influenced by what is happening, what is now cool and what will be trendy. I travel, I watch and read so many magazines, I see all the time so many images on Instagram and on the web.

The goal is to develop and search designs and colors that can survive trendy seasons and time, and be worn per years and years. I believe in timeless design and fashion, clean and minimal, warm and comfortable, and I strongly believe in the aesthetic represented by Palorosa, and in the use of each product designed to be used every day.

The challenge now is to propose new objects and accessories with our artisanal processing and prototyping while accessing selected markets and sophisticated shops.

Interview with Palorosa.

Content Credit: © Palorosa
Photographer: Claudia Zalla
Set Design: Studio Fludd

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