Round Chair: a long-lasting partner by Mikiya Kobayashi

The Round chair is for TAIYOU&C.
TAIYOU&C. is a brand launched by my design studio in 2016.
The story begins at the time I was working at an interior architecture office. Indeed, I was already wondering about furniture suited for contract projects I was working on. Today TAIYOU&C. pursue and make this reflection a reality.
Furniture, and chairs in particular, that we conceived for spaces such as hospitals, offices or buildings’ halls respond to specific and essential standards: First, they are shaped to fit harmoniously in the space, even when a numerous amount is arranged. Also, they are easy to use. Not only they are comfortable to sit in but also easy to stand up from. And of course, they are stackable.
We are working with wood for its soothing properties makes it a perfect material within our stressful time. Of course, good contracts’ furniture can only become a long-lasting partner for a home user.

I think the character for this chair is the good balance between simplicity and attractiveness. I’m always looking for new things by selecting a good balance from the relationship between space, objects, and human.
My background in design is Japanese calligraphy. I used to learn Japanese calligraphy when I was young, which I believe has had the greatest effect on what I do as a designer.
My grandmother taught Japanese calligraphy, so I was used to holding a brush. When I was a child, Japanese cartography was the most interesting game for me. I was a fan of making a good balance between the line and the white Japanese paper and make a beautiful blank by lines I draw. And I think Japanese calligraphy is similar to interior design. We can create a good space, by putting beautiful and functional things on it.
Japanese calligraphy has developed my sense of balance when designing.

Normally I don’t think about trends.
I think I want to look for good design by observation of our daily life.

Interview with Mikiya Kobayashi about TAIYOU&C.

Trends: Structuralism.