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True Colors: bright primary colors only by VISSER & MEIJWAARD

Our Truecolors collection was our first interior design collection and started as an assigned research into PVC cloth in 2014. Our search started in the technical PVC industry (here the material finds its base), where a lot of design ideas where to be found in technical details and accessories used in the production.

For Truecolors we have taken our inspiration from nostalgic practical products from the past. The foldable camping closet and leather gymnastics buck to form the base of this collection that consists of a backpack and a series of benches, stools, and cabinets made from this strong cloth.


Our collection has become a contemporary design collection in which versatility of color and use are key. The cabinets and stools are built up from oak frames with a PVC upholstery. Because of the zipper, the cushion covers can be replaced and the cabinets can be opened and closed.


What caught our eye when walking through this PVC workshop where the very beautiful bright colors we were surrounded with. Being quite fed up with all the soft pinks and blues and greens everybody seemed to use at that point for all sorts of objects we decided to go bold, and that is when Truecolors was born: a collection made of very bright primary colors only.

We later added grey’s and black to our color card for those that are a bit more subdued.

Taking PVC Cloth as a starting point for an interior collection has let us to a very bold and playful range of products with strong detailing that gives it it’s very own identity.

Interview with VISSER & MEIJWAARD / photopgrapher © Kevin Rijnders

Trends: Cool Irreverence.

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