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Designed in Switzerland with great attention to detail.

VIU prescription glasses and sunglasses unite brilliant design with a transparent manufacturing process and fair prices.

Our collections are designed in Switzerland by Fabrice Aeberhard, VIU’s Creative Director. Each individual pair is then handcrafted at a manufacturer in the Italian Dolomites or on Honshū Island in Japan in more than 80 manual steps.

With its new materials, The WIRE COLLECTION constitutes a natural extension of VIU. The four new models are comprised of refined stainless steel, delicately rounded and slightly angular, creating a minimalistic and effortless look. The design of The BRIGHT and The VIBRANT follows a more angular form line whereas The VIVID and The SPIRITED offer soft round curves. With especially small hinges, the frames are also very narrow and thus featherlight. The different sizes and metallic colours of the light frames gently shape the face, and yet leave air to breathe. The campaign reflects these attributes: the intersection of nature and the refined design convey core themes of lightness and freedom.

The VIU standard collection stands for temporary classics and timeless icons.

Each VIU model can be worn by both – women and men. Of course, there are more feminine styles like The VAIN with an oval cat-eye shape or more masculine ones like The DOG, but in general, each character decides for its own shape.

Contemporary trends and design dynamics are an essential part of VIU’s design process. Especially through collaborations with inspiring partners, VIU glasses are always at the forefront of contemporary design and can be seen as a compliment to modern creative expression. VIU collaborates with selected partners like the German jewellery designer Saskia Diez, the MONOCLE brand, EnSoie or House of Dagmar while always keeping the own brand signature. The results are avant-garde and innovative pieces.

Interview with VIU EYEWEAR.

Photography: Alina Asmus.

Trends: Unrestricted Human.

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