Wolf&Rita and the art of Cool

Wolf&Rita is a brand that originated in the heart of a family business started 35 years ago. The brand belongs to a shirts manufacturing mill, which has evolved into a company able to provide a wider range of products.

«Our focus is to present collections which are fashion orientated but also with a strong identity that can easily be connected to the brand. We have a strong ethical approach and try to respect everyone involved in the production chain. Our fabrics and trimmings are locally outsourced and the workers in our company all live in close distance of our facilities.

Our motto is “Locally sourced, globally worn”»

Wolf&Rita collections are designed for kids but thinking about adults fashion. One could say that 90% of W&R styles could also be done in adult sizes and still look pretty nice. The inspiration behind the collections is usually outsourced in different art movements, artists and even music. It is a “work in progress” each season, combining designs and ideas both of  Claudia, the designer and Carlos, the photographer.  After choosing a theme, they start working on the prints and the collection starts to take its shape. It is a slow but quite pleasing process in which the team shares and discovers new curiosities about a certain artist, singer or an art movement.

«We try to make clothes as if they were small works of art, starting with the prints (we like to outsize our prints so that you end up not having two identical garments, making each garment almost unique). And then, all the shapes and details are also very important to us, since we aim for high quality as well as comfortable and easy to wear tailored garments».

Interview with Wolf&Rita.

Content Credit and Photography: © Wolf&Rita

Trends: Cool Irreverence.