Rita Trindade is a Portuguese creative who merges her passion for human-crafted objects with her professional background in design and communication. After graduating in Fashion Design, studying Fine Arts and obtaining a Postgraduate diploma in Trends & Communication, Rita Trindade worked in the design and communication sector for recognized International Brands. In 2017, she founded Through Objects with the intention of sharing compelling narratives within contemporary objects. Since then, the project has been developing most of Rita’s passions for local design and started focusing on nature inspired objects and the Art & Craft movement. Last year, in collaboration with the Swedish publisher New Heroes and Pioneers, she published Nature Back to Design, a book that proposes a look at the future of design from a respectful and harmonious human/nature perspective. Based between Copenhagen and Lisbon, Rita works on different personal and commissioned projects.

Communication (Art & Design sectors)
Consulting Services

If you wish to collaborate or work together, feel free to contact Rita via contact@through-objects.com.

Through Objects is a curatorial platform focused on sharing and documenting the most inspiring objects in connection with Nature, Art & Craft.