About us

Founded & Curated by Rita Trindade*, Through Objects is a curatorial platform focused on sharing and supporting the most inspiring design objects in connection with Nature, Art & Craft.


Our mission is to act as a communication platform that shares the work of important agents of transformation in our society: from pioneering Artists to Collectors and Galleries with a special focus on the Nature, Art & Craft movement. Our aim is to inspire and encourage people to preserve our world and bring the beauty of human-crafted objects into their diverse contexts and lives. Within this area, we work on content creation and online communication strategies. If your project/brand has synergy with our values, write to us here.


In collaboration with our partners, we host/organize courses within the field of sustainable Art & Design. Our most recent course is organized with Natural Material Studio Copenhagen by Bonnie Hvillum exploring local bio-based materials. The main objective of this course is to give you the right knowledge and tools about biomaterials and provide the support you need to integrate these materials into your working field, artistic vision, or design work. More info here.


We are translators and matchmakers specialized in nature-inspired objects: we match people and Art. In our Consultancy Services, we help people start and build their own meaningful collection for residence or business. Get in contact with us here.


If you are an artist, designer, or Craftsman and believe that your work meets the requirements to be published on this platform, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us: contact@through-objects.com