Signe Emdal | Anna’s Roots, a Spatial Solo show at Skagens Museum

Signe Emdal is a Danish Textile artist whose distinctive work is recognized by her passion for historical objects, fine art, and ornamentation. By following her intuition and selecting artists who have had a special significant meaning in history, she connects threads through time and space. Signe’s art practice is rooted in craft-making techniques translated into a personal and contemporary vision drawn by yarn.

‘Anna’s roots’ marks another chapter in Signe’s path towards creating a spatial and bodily experience and exploring the legacy of Master artists of the past. As the textile artist refers, the seven final jacquards knitted tapestries presented at ‘Anna’s roots’ exhibition are the result of an engaged dialogue with the Danish painter Anna Ancher (1859-1935) and her passion for both ornamented textiles and the staging of her paintings in her home. The tapestry patterns and colors highlight the spirit and atmosphere of Brøndums’ dining room at Skagens Museum, known for accommodating social dining and lectures among the members of the renowned Skagen colony of artists, including Anna Ancher and her husband Michael Ancher.

When observing the final tapestries, there are curious affinities between Anna and Signe’s work to discover: Signe’s signature patterns and ambiances are very similar to the ones present in Anna’s paintings. After discovering that Signe has always been fascinated by Anna Ancher’s life and marriage, through her grandmother who lived her life in Skagen simultaneously with Anna Ancher, one can surely say that this exhibition finalizes a collaboration that, in fact, began more than one hundred years ago.

Exhibition Details: Exhibition Details | Location: Skagens Museum, Brøndumsvej 4 Denmark | Date: 30.11.19 – 29.12.19 | Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00