Bouquets rugs: the Mexican soul by Mestiz

Bouquets suggest a new type of rug arrangement, freeing the forms, and letting them go in different directions but at the same time working as a whole. With our new collection, we seek new possibilities for textiles traditional techniques in Mexico, made by a new generation of craftsmen who are exploring new possibilities in form, texture and color, and more important with a desire to continue the evolution of textile craftsmanship.

The Soul of Mestiz

Mestiz: Crafts techniques are the soul of Mestiz. Each technique is compound by know-how, cosmovision, sense of place and the craftsman personal touch.

In Bouquets, a sewing technique was developed, in order to create big format rugs using traditional 1-meter width treadle looms. We mixed dyeing, weaving, and sewing techniques that opened a new range of possibilities for us to explore the traditional techniques of the North of Mexico. We decided to merge three different materials, cotton, wool and metallic yarn in one piece using different colours for each form created by these materials.
For us, each rug is unique and express the richness & variety of the Mexican Landscape.

The future of Crafts and Design in Mexico

Mestiz: Mexico is living a good momentum with designers trying to preserve and promote Mexican traditions and techniques with a more contemporary approach. There is a drive around traditions, techniques about Mexican culture, gastromy, music, etc.

What I expect is that we, as a culture, can be capable to have a strong message, so our generation can continue to evaluate traditions and show interest in social issues from such a diverse and intense country as Mexico.

I really hope that the future can bring us a symbiosis between Design & craftsmanship. I am not talking only about knowledge and crafts techniques, but a deep exchange of cosmovisions, life experiences, places, gastronomy, social issues.

Interview with Mestiz.
Photography: Vanessa Valero.