Brick’s Reflection Chair by destroyers/ builders

Destroyers/Builders is a Brussels & Antwerp-based design studio founded by Linde Freya Tangelder with the objective of exploring sensory relevance and cultural value in small and big scale objects. Brick’s Reflection Chair is no exception, reflecting on the sentiment behind man-made materials along with the contrast between warm bricks and cool, silver-colored aluminum.

The Beginning

Linde Freya: Since a few years ago I have been completely fascinated by Brick as a material. Nevertheless, it was very difficult to find a good company to work with, since I had very uncommon questions; such as a curved brick, in a very limited edition.

Linde Freya: Most companies are used to starting production only when orders of thousands of bricks are requested. Luckily, I found a company that is specialized in unique bricks for restoring monumental buildings. Together, we could finally continue my curved backend (just in time for the exhibition with BRUT Bodem – Edition 2, during Milan design week 2019). At the moment I am working on another color brick. darker, a bit aubergine. I am very curious how this comes out of the oven.

The Main Challenges

Linde Freya: As the Aluminium is so light, and the brick quite heavy, it is just a balance exercise – since the brick is right above the seating of the chair. The difficulty of the project is mostly in brick’s stability as I explained, but also the fact that aluminum is not common in this type of construction. Finishing of the surface is done by myself, with endless sanding of all edges and parts. 

The Future of Handicrafts

Linde Freya: I totally believe design and handicrafts work side by side. Handmade versus industry. We can not live without humans, we can not live without senses. Also, the human touch in objects is so important for us to feel connected with our surroundings. And their richness of stories, histories, and cultures.

Interview with destroyers / builders | Photography Alexander Popelier and Eline Willaert.