Brisa: a fashion brand focused on slow tailoring

“Slow fashion sees the consumer and their habits as an important part of the chain. Contrary to what one might think, slow fashion is not a concept based on time, but on quality, which in the end evidently has something to do with the time devoted to the product.”

Slow Fashion Design

Brisa:  We’re a brand of slow fashion tailoring, focused on conscious consumption and handmade clothing. We work with organic, natural and low environmental impact fabrics. We use natural dyeing and manual techniques.

Brisa was born of an awakening of conscience, mixed with my unhappiness by fast fashion. I had already worked for fast fashion for 8 years and was increasingly dissatisfied with how the system works (remuneration is a huge problem for everyone working in product production, working conditions, product quality, and raw material). I left the market and lived a sabbatical year in a permaculture site where I experienced and lived an organic and sustainable lifestyle. There I had some routine work, among planting, harvesting, sowing, mowing grass and turning the compost – it was the start of everything.
There was a piece of synthetic wool by mistake! In a place that was very suitable for materials to decompose, the synthetic wool was still there. From that moment on, I realized I did not want to be responsible for more raw material that was created, consumed and discarded in the world.

We want Brisa’s clothes to reflect on conscious consumption that we seek to communicate every day. We want the consumption of clothing to become (and already is) the reflection of a more conscious thinking and living, redistributing income and keeping the planet less polluted.

About the Future of Clothing

Brisa: When thinking about the future, and based on my experiences, I would say that there could be significant growth in the production of more sustainable raw materials, as consumers are increasingly aware of consumption. On the other hand, 3D technology is getting more and more advanced, and much has been said about consumers becoming creators of the products themselves – Although positive, I fear the amount of disposable clothing and garbage generated in that process.

Content Credit: ©Brisa and Through Objects.

Images: ©Roberto Hurtado |Model:Alice Floriano| Make-up: savana Sa| Styling: Bruna Holderbaum.

Trends: Sustainable and Shared.