Building Shapes by Anaëlle Renault

Building Shapes is a project developed by Anaëlle Renault, focused on the meeting of two very different materials: concrete and textile. When interacting together, these materials suggest a rich exploration of forms and textures, highlighting both the softness and the hardness, the colorful and the colorless in a single sculptural piece.

The beginning

Anaëlle Renault: It all began when I offered an assortment of floor tiles for the contest «Vitrine pour un designer». My intention was to play with the duality between concrete and textile while allowing to increase the thermal and acoustic properties of each one. To develop this project, I collaborated with the National Center for Scientific and Technical Research for the Cement Industry based in Belgium: the CRIC-OCCN.

Anaëlle Renault: Before the «Building Shapes» project, I had already imagined ten sculptural pieces where textile, specifically the knotted technique, and concrete would interact together. This was focused on bringing into resonance various volumes through these two materials. It allowed me to experiment and explore their different characteristics, colors, shapes, and volumes.

Challenges and Explorations

Anaëlle Renault: The main challenge was to find a good balance between concrete and textile. It was not easy to find a concrete who suited to these projects. I am still on researching and developing other pieces in textile and concrete.

Anaëlle Renault: At the moment my focus is on developing tiles walls. The tactile confrontation between warm textile and sometimes cold concrete is interesting and I want to continue to explore this duality. It’s also a way to give a vision of a softer use of concrete in the field of architecture and objects.

Interview with Anaëlle Renault.

Photo Credits: Christophe_Bustin.