Burel Mountain Originals – from burel to pure design

Burel Mountain Originals products have a very special soul resulting from their origins and the way they are produced.

It all starts with pure wool from sheep raised outdoors on the slopes of Serra da Estrela mountains. Wool that is sheared manually by the shepherds who raise them and then is handled and washed manually as well. Then this wool is transformed into burel, in a process that takes several phases all made at Burel Factory, our factory in operation since 1947, that today still produces using the same machines and traditional equipment. After the transformation of the wool into burel, there is another one: the transformation of burel into pure design.

Most of the process is done manually, the creation of these pieces is based on proposals made by trendy designers and put into practice by our seamstresses who continue to employ soul and love to the product. But it’s not only this that give us prominence in the market: our colors, especially those created exclusively by us, differentiate us and make us unique, special and with an almost infinite capacity of personalization of any product we sell. The whole process is done in a sustainable way. It takes time, dedication and commitment and harmony with nature.

Today we are striving towards an awareness of the future and for the certainty that sustainability is the way forward. The natural and the biological are no longer just trends to become lifestyles. In addition, there is a growing appreciation of what is handmade, and with attention to the details and the needs of discovering the origins. To this comes the constant evolution of design trends and the exploration of new colors. Burel Mountain Originals is this. And being this we believe that, not only do we follow the current trends but, in many cases, we dictated them.

Interview with Romeu Lebres from Burel Mountain Originals / Photography: Burel Mountain Originals.

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