Canoa Lab – Part II

It could be said that our pieces and our space, CANOA-lab (a place where everyone can approach the subject through classes, open study or internships), follow current tendencies in this promising future for handcrafts. Not so much related to shape, texture or their finish but to a vital positioning towards production, market, and knowledge sharing.

Producing stuff by hand, doing some research, experimenting with plastic arts and enjoying work and creation processes make us have the potential to grow and develop ourselves while confronting the huge number of problems which arise with the decision to become producers and distributors of what we do. In this volatile society which has long forgotten the idea of working at the same place all your life, in this moment of history when values are changing and society demands a more sensitive and sustainable production, it seems necessary to confront the risks and enjoy our achievements, so we made the decision to work in what we are really passionate about and devote so many hours to our lives, being the crafts the ideal platform to manage it.

We are also aware that the world is unstoppable, and patterns of action need to be renewed, even in crafts, whose model is in a moment of division and continual change. It opens now a universe of infinite possibilities, full of potential different directions, which are able to tackle several disciplines to become something more than a brand or production company. This multidisciplinary perception of arts and crafts (art, design, and trade) is what will help place them where they can be understood, respected and valued as they really deserve, as ancestral culture protectors and contemporary research tools.

Interview with Canoa Lab.

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