Canoa Lab – Part I

CANOA started as an idea around October 2015 but it wasn’t until May 2016 when it became a label at an official presentation in an open studio taking place two yearly in Russafa (Valencia).

Canoa Lab: To set the project up we brought to the table our main curiosity and worries. We think the dizzying speed of the current world keeps us from seeing how really important things are. So TIME was a key element for us, as it is probably the most valuable thing we have. And we need it to follow our INQUISITIVENESS, the second inexhaustible and infinite key element of our project. We had just learned two new trades (new for us, old for humanity), and we found out that most crafts require slow and precise ability in order to be developed. From that moment we needed a name, that’s how I came up with CANOA, a very important word as we felt connected to its raw meaning.

The first canoe appeared in history when someone decided to hollow a logout and use it to sail down a river. Movement requires human strength and its prow and poop have the same shape, heading no specific direction but being drafted by the current. That’s what we were looking for, a project which could develop itself with slow and constant changes in route, steered by ourselves but at the same time naturally diverted by the effects of wind or whirlwind. We then realized we wanted to make jewelry and pottery which would take into account the traditional values that have been following natural rhythm in the production of objects since the beginning of time.

That’s why our center of attention is currently focused on Iberian, Roman, and Greek designs, intrinsically found in our Mediterranean culture, although this doesn’t mean we’re limited to these influences. We never dismiss changes in our references and way of creating. We could say that in this field of reinvention, the gap where we stop being one thing to become something new, is where we actually spend the most time.

Interview with Canoa Lab.

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