It is a special date for both the designer Daniel Vieira and Burel Factory: 0kcal handbag celebrates 10 years in the market while still maintaining its momentum and possibly achieving a very special position between Burel Factory’s most successful products. Made with Burel, 100% Pure Sheep Wool, the handbag’s design features a simple and geometric form, handmade from a single seam and with zip closure that allows it to be flattened to take up little space.

The Beginning

Daniel Vieira: With the start of Burel Factory in 2010, comes up the invitation of Isabel Costa and her husband, João Tomás, to develop a new product for the brand. The fact that the briefing was not defined, opened the possibility of developing a new product typology, arises the possibility of creating the first handbag of the brand, named 0kcal.

Daniel Vieira: Despite having a simple silhouette, the product took a few months to find its shape. Already in the design process, we have a multitude of possibilities. The search for a strong, simple and differentiating identity was a constant in the design process, ending with the proposed form. Of impressive texture and color, the burel is a sturdy material and some thickness. What makes the design of an entirely made handbag in this material a challenge for the factory – adding the fact that the brand in 2010 took its first steps. 

Celebrating 10 years in the market

Daniel Vieira: I believe that the product’s longevity owes, in part, to the design achieved here and the brand’s work in exposing the product at international events, such as ‘Interior Lifestyle Tokyo’ and ‘Maison et Objet’. The 0kcal handbag has been a product present at all stages of brand growth over the last 10 years. It is effectively the evidence given by a product over time that makes (or not) an object into a ‘classic design’. If Burel Factory wants it, I think you can have a strong candidate here.

Today, it is crucial to use natural materials and more responsible production processes. In a world full of objects, it is necessary to impose these new aims for the practice of design. So, they are also my goals.

Interview with Daniel Vieira | Photography Ivo Oliveira Rodrigues.