Ceramics by Wenqi Liu

Inspired by human feelings of fragility, sensibility, and imperfection, Wenqi Liu plays with materials and techniques to develop unexpected artworks with porcelain and textile. In all of her works, she integrates her skills of textile design into her work as a ceramist and lets us discover her delicate collection of ceramic textures explored through different concepts, as observed in Corrosion, Infection and Infestation pieces.

Wenqi Liu: My work is often about the relationship between things or persons. In this collection, I don’t create utilitarian objects on purpose, I just want to show how the environment impacts our daily life on the outside and inside.

The duality between being and our perception. Things are simple. They are themselves but people add on them their own subjectivity. How we create beauty and ugliness, truth and lie.

Wenqi Liu about Corrosion

Wenqi Liu: My Corrosion piece is all about the relation between a concept and a person. The word “corrosion” is often perceived as negative but here it is represented as something to admire. To my mind, this art piece is achieved when people interact with it. I want to show there are no absolutes in our human perception, everything depends on the individual sensation or personality. All we can consider as beautiful, ugly or perfect are just human perceptions.

Tryptic of human bodies. An infection of bacteria and scars remaining in porcelain as in our bodies. But infection also spreads through our actions, or routines, or thoughts…

Wenqi Liu about Infection

Wenqi Liu: The piece Infection is about the relationship between people. An infection that spreads in the porcelain as it would spread through our bodies, in our minds. In “Infestation”, I also want to establish a dialog between making actively and being impacted. I use the same shape of the other vases but increasing the size, between 30 to 55 cm high, as if it was an industrial smokestack. The human architecture has an impact on everything around but can also be impacted and influenced by its own environment.

The main challenges

Wenqi Liu: The most difficult part of my work is the technical part. Before being ceramist I was a textile designer and I didn’t get academic training of ceramics. I keep on working and experimenting with my «wild» technique. I’m guided by my experiences and by my mistakes to create my own way. At the same time, it is also what gives me the passion to create. I’m curious and I like to change and discover. Using my own way to explore and search for new techniques is a very important part of my creation. It’s a challenge and a passion.

Selection of textures and colours

Wenqi Liu: I have always felt fascinated by pale, grey and silent color palettes. I find them so soft and tender, independent and secure. I love the qualities of these colors. For the textures, I’ve kept my habit I used to create textile samples – I transform my inspiration in ceramic samples with scientific and mechanical processes. As for making clothes in fashion, I use these samples to create the final art pieces.

From far as in a painting, I can see huge industrial fireplaces standing in the air, sky tainted with smoke. Plants and trees grow on them.

Wenqi Liu about Infestation

Interview with Wenqi Liu | Photography Wenqi Liu.