Colonia: a reaction to colorless things by Yosuke Matsushita

‘Colonia’  is made from “rosin”, a traditional material used for many fields, and “melamine sponge” that is modern material.

In ‘Colonia’ I focused on certain properties: rosin (that melts and becomes solid when it is cooled), and melamine sponge (that has a high absorbability and workability). The results are exquisite textures, colours, a slight scent of pine and soothing tones like glass contained air. Molds are unnecessary, and the process results in a beautiful and natural shape curve made by tied sponge, with details controlled both by people and natural phenomenon.

There is no need to prepare any particular environment and special skills to make this product. It means that people of all ages can be creators, having the pleasure and being surprised by the results. You cannot control its quality like in general mass products. In spite of this, each piece of ‘Colonia’ has a character barely seen in current mundane products. I hope it can bring valuable experiences of making things, as a trigger to explode our imagination.

Our lifestyle and demands have been changing rapidly due to the advance of technology. Original products are difficult to design and produce because of our modern technological developments and society’s demands.

We are also surrounded by many colorless things made from mass-production. This product has the possibility of making our life more colorful through actual providing experiences and feelings of textures, scents, and tones to enhance our perception.

Content Credit: © Yosuke Matsushita and Through Objects.

Images: ©  Yosuke Matsushita.

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