Comfort on the Go by Chrissie Coerman

This project is an exploration of the interfaces between fashion and interior design and ways to make static objects wearable. An intimate piece of home, not constrained to a location but an extension of yourself. A bag that contains a double function: besides their purpose as a bag they also provide a relaxation object for on the way.

Hectic times ask for sensible and comfortable measures. Whenever you have a rough day at work or just craving to these moments of relaxation during your busy schedule, these bags can offer you the comfort of your couch at any moment. Chrissie Coerman.

Comfort on the Go: inspiration

Chrissie Coerman: My biggest source of inspiration was the couch and its pillows in its function and form language, bulky big shapes that everyone can connect to. My main focus was to create a piece that gives you the comfort you can desire when you are rushing around and when you do not have the opportunity to retreat to your own familiar environment. As well as the importance of the forms being pleasing, forms we are all familiar with, that you can shape, fold, make your own and adapt and place to your desire. A utensil mainly focused on the wellbeing of the wearer.

Design as a response to the modern society

Chrissie Coerman: I think that this collection is a response to the modern society, the haste in which we live, the hectic and chaos. In times like these, we need to be able to pull back for a moment, surround ourselves with a recognizable object that can give us some comfort. Like how a kid is carrying his stuffed animal where ever he goes.

Our modern society is built in a way that we need to perform; we rush from one place to the other, it is important that we are successful in everything we do, our social life, career, at school. I believe that we should surround ourselves with pleasant, sensitive objects.

Burn-outs and fatigue have never been such a big topic and I think that as a designer you have to respond to needs and try to find suitable designs, designs that fit the time and needs. Comfort on the go is a series of subtle and simple bag’s, an object that the majority of people own and use, why not create a pleasant utensil an object that fits your body. People understand the ordinary shapes we relate to comfort, like a cushion. I wanted my project to be easily understood. A friendly design that could be accessible and understandable for everyone. No difficult shapes your body has to get used to but shapes we are all familiar with.

About the Future of clothing design

Chrissie Coerman: I see a need for pleasant living conditions, especially in fashion, many large soft comfortable shapes. I believe that designers will focus more on inner comfort and serenity for the user.

Interview with Chrissie Coerman.

Photography: Chrissie Coerman.

Content Credit: ©Chrissie Coerman and Through Objects.