CUCO Handmade Furniture: between human and nature

CUCO Handmade Furniture is a new concept for objects inspiring a closer relationship between human and nature.

CUCO Handmade: It was the reflex of a desire to create furniture and objects defining our living space atmosphere. It started 3 years ago with a partnership between two architects who wanted to explore common references. I have an architectural education with a more sensorial approach, passing through experiences with “landart” and architectural practices.

Our approach was guided from the beginning by a strong sense of experiencing the pieces, not only in a functional but also in an emotional way. In that sense, it was essential the contact with local crafts and materials from the Portuguese countryside transformed with care by skilled artisans. Another interesting point of view was that imagining the construction of these pieces allowed us to think in a simple assemblage process without any mechanical fixing, just using joinery techniques. Our major reference was logically the Japanese wood culture that is a constant source of inspiration. The final aim of this project is to design beautiful pieces that create a more human and natural atmosphere available to a large range of places, from domestic to corporate, defining an universal style.

NEST Collection – B2 Stool

CUCO Handmade: The Collections are composed around the primitive elements (like the themes of NEST and EARTH) that compose the natural world and reflect the patterns of construction that inspire us. The EARTH Collection was the result of an investigation into the ceramic and clay industry that we started one year ago. We found it the perfect complement to small-scale accessories, like the T1 bowl, and lighting solutions. The raw clay is one of the most ancient materials found already in the first human settlements. We want to prove that today it can still be applied in contemporary living.  Of course, we work in a perspective that ecological concerns are an essential part of the process and all the materials and techniques are supervised by the most strict procedures.

EARTH Collection – T1 Bowl

The Human touch

Possibly, CUCO’s products reflect a possible reaction to current trends, but that reaction was not the main purpose of our investigation. I feel that there are today as there were in the past two possible roads that define different personalities. One more directed to a technological world that wants to define new environments and other more directed to the roots and to the preservation of our natural environment.

You cannot feel the human touch in a car, nor on a computer… these are our working tools available in our working space. Our vision is sustained by the thought that in your private space you will need a more relaxed atmosphere that should be built in harmony with nature, our primordial environment.

Interview with CUCO Handmade Furniture.

Trends: Balanced Self.