Eroded Panorama series by Cosma Frascina

Graduated in Design from ISIA University in Florence, Cosma Frascina is a designer who finds inspiration in the roughness of nature and artisanal techniques. The Italian designer is most interested in sculpting objects using calcarenite and bioclastic limestones and traditional techniques, but with an experimental approach to each piece. In Eroded Panorama Series, Cosma Frascina expresses a strong relationship with the earth by letting the climate exposure shape and cover each object with moss and lichen.

The Beginning

Cosma Frascina: The works of the Eroded Panorama series represent the natural evolution of a stone experiment that began in 2014. A process that is still ongoing that I find difficult to define and categorize, having very elastic boundaries. However, there are recurring elements in all the works of my production. The stone, as a natural element subject to a process of natural oxidation and therefore exposed to the work of time, and the juxtaposition to an artificial material such as cement. This represents for me the need to establish a deep and sincere connection with nature, as well as the constant search for harmony and purity in the relationship with it.

Cosma Frascina: My inspiration very often comes from a process of observation, followed by a phase of analysis and experimentation. The source from which I draw most for the realization of my works is the natural environment. Specifically that of my homeland where I live and work; Puglia, in southern Italy. Here I had the opportunity to experiment with Calcarenite and to be able to observe its erosive phenomena, both on buildings made with the same material and in nature.

Time and nature

Cosma Frascina: At the heart of the Eroded Panorama series is essentially the concept of time and its incredible transformative force. This is particularly evident considering it in relation to the action of atmospheric elements, and observing natural erosive phenomena. Time and nature have the ability to shape the state of physical matter, as well as affect our spiritual energy and psyche. It takes time to work on ourselves and the environment around us is a very important factor to consider.

Creative Process & Main Challenges

Cosma Frascina: The process that led me to conceive all my works is always very natural, and as a result, I do not see it difficult. My creative action always starts from an idea or a vision, which I almost never draw on paper, but I let it settle in my mind that continue to process it for as long as necessary. I then decide to realize it when it appears clear and valid to me. This leads to the development of the forms in progress. The strong instinct that characterizes this process means that the end result is often a surprise to me too.

If I think about the difficulties I have faced over the last few years, they are mainly technical and practical. From logistical problems to being able to recover and study the stone blocks, to the initial inadequacy of the latter due to the lack of tools, etc. For example, I have been years without running water in the studio, and in order to rinse the pieces from the dust, I had to work hard. Now the situation has changed positively and so many of these problems have been solved, and I am finally aware of how much this has served as a lesson to me.

Connection to Nature

Cosma Frascina: Nature is the mirror in which I look to search within myself and understand myself. It is intimately linked to our unconscious and helps us to preserve our instinctual nature, using the arrow between our rational walls that condemn us negatively. In its ambivalence of nature, in its creative and destructive potential, I find myself as a human being.

Interview with Cosma Frascina | Photography Cosma Frascina.