Fly collection: a result of flow and pleasure by Sofia Bankeström

The FLY collection is a result of flow and pleasure. I started making these carved wooden creatures during an exhibition with more conceptual pieces where part of the display was my workbench. Some people sat down with me for a while and I found that simultaneously working with my hands would take the edge off any awkward silence that occurred. This low-key synergy turned out to be a method for making the spectator want to stay longer, explore the exhibition further and reflect on it with me.

So, for me, they are connected with positive energy and as they are brooches they are made to be worn and taken along with you. This is what I want them to do, spread a playful energy and encourage interaction and communication.

I define my practice as jewelry, but as I see it there aren’t really any limits for what this can mean. I include drawing, material investigations and experiments in my work and have done so for years. In my making, I aim to make technical solutions part of the whole. In the FLY collection, even the pinback is made from wood. I like the idea of a true three-dimensional object, in which the different sides are in correspondence with each other and the back is as interesting as the front.

There is a hierarchy of materials, we value some more than others. I hope that we can be more open to value materials worked from sustainable sources. The wood I use is juniper, which has a pleasant aromatic smell. Working with the material, finding its inherent properties and using them is an important part of my work.

Interview with Sofia Bankeström.

Content Credit: © Sofia Bankeström and Through Objects.

Images: © Sofia Bankeström.

Trends: Balanced Self.